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All subject notes, questions banks, syllabus and more for various AMU entrance exams. With well-organized and comprehensive AMU-focused prep resources for all key subjects, Sketchyournotes aims to become a one-stop destination for entrance exam readiness.

Amu Entrance Papers (I, VI, IX, XI)

For precise information on exam patterns, syllabus, and requirements, please visit the official AMU website

Amu Entrance Papers (Graduation Courses)

If you are preparing for AMU's graduation entrance exams, it's recommended to refer to official AMU sources.

Amu Entrance Papers (Master's Courses)

If you are preparing for AMU's master's entrance exams, I recommend checking the official AMU website.

Amu Entrance Papers (Phd's Courses)

If you are preparing for the Ph.D. entrance exam at AMU, I recommend checking the official AMU website.

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The Aligarh Muslim University’s flagship library, the Maulana Azad Library, is renowned for its priceless holdings of manuscripts, rare volumes, and antiques. At the moment, the M.A. Library has almost 13 lakh volumes of books in its collection and subscribes to databases and widely read academic journals. With about 110 college and departmental libraries, including the engineering college library, medical college library, science cyber library, and Ajmal Khan Tibbiya college library, the library serves the needs of its students, faculty members, and research scholars. Additionally, one of Asia’s largest libraries is the Amu Maulana Azad Library, according to Wikipedia.

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AMU maulana AZad Library

AMU's Famous Library

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is home to one of the largest university library systems in Asia - the Maulana Azad Library.

Notable alumni of Aligarh Muslim University

Famous Alumni of AMU

Alumni of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is famous in all over the world and are in all departments.

How to crack AMU Entrance?

How to crack AMU entrances?

Consistency, time management and effective revision by focusing on important topics/areas are key for cracking AMU entrance exam.

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